Republic of Bashkortostan: Ex-prosecutor faces trial for covering car accident caused by his son

Republic of Bashkortostan: Ex-prosecutor faces trial for covering car accident caused by his son
Ildar Yangirov and his son

The Oktybrsky District Court has begun a trial against former prosecutor Ildar Yangirov and two accessories of his who covered a car accident involving Ildar Yangirov’s son and the official's Ford Focus.

The Russian Investigative Committee has completed in investigation of a criminal case against former Oktyabrsky prosecutor Ildar Yangirov, his driver Aydar Khalimullin, and local traffic police officer Ideal Khaliullin. The three men are accused of attempting to cover a car accident caused by the prosecutor’s underage son. The case was opened for violation of articles 286, part 1 (Exceeding Official Powers by an Official), 33, part 3 (Complicity in a Crime), and 292, part 2 (Official Forgery that have Entailed an Essential Violation of the Rights and Legitimate Interests of Citizens or Organisations or of Legally Protected Interests of Society or the State) of the Russian Criminal Code.

The car accident occurred in November of 2015, according to investigators. Yangirov used his official power to cover the car accident involving his son crashing an official Ford Focus. Yangirov and his acquaintance forged police reports. Yangirov’s driver agreed to claim he drove the car to cover Yangirov’s son.

The prosecutor used his official power and let his 16-year-old son drive an official Ford Focus in November of 2015, according to results of the investigation. The teenager who did not even have a driver’s license crashed the car. The prosecutor faked a new car accident to avoid being fined for damaging an official car. He asked his driver to tow the car to the country, push it into the gutter, and claim he was responsible for the car accident. The prosecutor’s acquaintance working in the traffic police filed a report with bogus description of the accident and issued a refusal to open an administrative case against the prosecutorial driver. Both were later charged with complicity. One of the was accused of violation of article 292, part 2, while another – of articles 33, part 5 and 292, part 2 of the Code.

The prosecutor filed for retirement while his driver resigned a month after the investigation was instituted. As for Ideal Khaliullin, he was dismissed from the traffic police.

The prosecutor’s son has already been punished. Court convicted him. However, his sentence has not been reported.



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