"Repeated feat of Governor Levchenko." Perm official shoots bear in den 

"Repeated feat of Governor Levchenko." Perm official shoots bear in den
Vasily Utrobin with a hunting trophy

At the end of last year, the head of the Irkutsk Region, Sergey Levchenko, became the hero of a scandal after publishing a video on the Web with the shooting of a bear sleeping in a den by him and other officials.

The Investigation Department of the of the ICR in the Perm region has begun checking the legality of the hunt of an official from Prikamye, Vasily Utrobin, and former Top Manager of the Perm energy company Nikolay Ilyushin for a sleeping bear, Interfax reports.

According to the agency, as part of the pre-investigation check, the circumstances of the alleged illegal hunting, which was previously reported by the regional media, are being established.

According to Mestnoye Vremya, Рead of the Yukseyevsky rural settlement of the Kochevsky District, Vasily Utrobin, and former Top Manager of the Perm branch of MRSK Ural, Nikolay Ilyushin allegedly shot a bear sleeping in a den, and in addition, killed four lynxes.  

In the photographs published by the media, they pose with prey, which they did not have the right to shoot – the killing of a sleeping bear is prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation. At the same time, in one of the photographs, the hunters pose with the trophy at the den. According to the media, hunters did not have licenses to shoot lynx.

It is reported that the shooting of animals took place on the territory of hunting farms Kedr and RESOM, which, according to some sources, are controlled by Utrobin. According to the source of the Mestnoye Vremya media, the photos were taken on two different hunts — last winter and this winter, but both times in 2018.

Meanwhile, the site Change.org is collecting signatures on a petition for the resignation of the governor of the Irkutsk Region, Sergey Levchenko, who is in the middle of a scandal because of a similar incident. The reason for this was the publication of a video on the Internet, in which the head of the region, together with other officials, coolly shot the bear sleeping in the den in January 2017. The ICR also checked this video, which ended with the initiation of a criminal case.

Petition for the resignation of Levchenko was signed by almost 35 thousand people.



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