Luxury cars for religious procession in Kronstadt

Luxury cars for religious procession in Kronstadt
Because of the religious procession the central streets of Kronstadt was blocked

A Rolls-Royce was at the head of the column, which was passing through the city in honor of the righteous person John of Kronstadt.

The automobile religious procession in honor of Saint Ioann Kronshtadsky was held in the seaport town. At the same time, in the column, on observations of journalists, there were generally ‘luxury cars’ headed by Rolls-Royce  The motorcade followed three buses in which about 300 pilgrims were transported.


According to Rosbalt, the ‘motor rally’ was accompanied by patrols of traffic police. At the same time on cars of participants of the course, there were stickers with John Kronshtadsky image. St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral, where a short service passed, became one of the points of the route. Then participants of the course passed towards a chapel of the Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God then reached on foot Vladimirsky Cathedral where the prayer was conducted.


For holding an action on a route of the motorcade traffic was limited, and from Sovetskaya Street cars were evacuated.



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