Relatives of Voronenkov intend to seek his justification

Relatives of Voronenkov intend to seek his justification
Denis Voronenkov

The ex-deputy’s case of the fraud may be closed in connection with his death, but Voronenkov considered himself innocent.⁠

Relatives of murdered former State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov disagree with the termination of the criminal case against him on non-rehabilitating circumstances. This is reported by Rosbalt with reference to the lawyer of ex-deputy Andrey Grivtsov. This is a raider capture of a building in Moscow on Mezhdunarodnaya Street. Recall, the Investigation Committee of Russia suspects that Voronenkov was looking for buyers for real estate re-registered on frontmen. Now, all the participants in the fraudulent scheme fully admitted their guilt, concluded pre-trial cooperation agreements and gave testimony, against Voronenkov too.

However, the former deputy himself did not admit his guilt until the last. Voronenkov called entrepreneur Vitaly Kachur (who also gave testimony against him) “one of the main encashiers of Moscow.” The deputy believed that Kachur was forced to declare a fictitious debt seven years ago. At the same time, Voronenkov confirmed that he had previously been actively involved in real estate transactions in Moscow. He also pointed out that all confessions were obtained after a long detention of the defendants in custody.

Lawyer Grivtsov said that after talking with wife of the deceased ex-MP Maria Maksakova they came to the conclusion that they would object to terminate the criminal prosecution without proving Voronenkov's innocence.

The Investigative Committee has not yet filed a petition for the termination of the criminal case in connection with the death, i.e. on non-rehabilitating grounds. Moreover, it is impossible to initiate the criminal case upon murder in Russia, because a few months ago Voronenkov and Maksakova received Ukrainian citizenship.

Recall that a few days before the end of the parliamentary immunity they left for Kiev, where the ex-deputy gave evidence to the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine on former President Viktor Yanukovych in the case of the state treason. Voronenkov was under state protection, but on March 23 he was shot dead by a killer in the center of Kiev. The latter died from the bullets of the guard.

The shooter was resident of Dnepropetrovsk Pavel Parshov. In November 2011, he was put on the wanted list in the case of economic crimes. However, already in 2015, Parshov was removed from the search. On what grounds this happened is not clear.

Criminal prosecution did not prevent Parshov from serving in the National Guard of Ukraine. The source of Rosbalt reported that he was a hitman among the soldiers of one of the private paramilitary units associated with Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. The motives for killing Voronenkov are still unknown. There are many versions, many of which are not very convincing.

Perhaps, the alleged accomplice of Parshov, who was put on the wanted list, will disclose new details. The court issued a permit for the detention of Yaroslav Levenets.

Earlier, the CrimeRussia wrote referring to the Ukrainian media that the second participant in the murder on the former State Duma deputy is former soldier of the Ukrainian nationalist battalion Donbass Yaroslav Levenets; he took part in the military conflict in Donbass, where, probably, met with future assassin of Voronenkov Pavel Parshov.



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