Relatives of Badri Shengelia promise award to witnesses

Relatives of Badri Shengelia promise award to witnesses
Сar of Shengelia

The businessman's family asks all who can disclose the details of the tragedy to contact them.

Relatives and friends of the 'authoritative' St. Petersburg businessman Badri Shengelia, who was killed on September 17, said that they are ready to pay for any information about what happened on the 21st kilometer of the Novoprioserskoye Highway in the Vsevolozhsk District of the Leningrad region.

Recall that according to investigators, Mercedes of Badri Shengelia was shot from a Kalashnikov rifle around 1:30 pm. The businessman went to St. Petersburg. The killer drove up on the Mercedes with Finnish license plates released several cartridges and disappeared. The license plates are already installed, but the check showed that they were fake.

However, the foreign car and the mercenaries themselves could hit the DVRs moving along the road. Also, drivers could pay attention to the standing white Mercedes somewhere on the highway exit. Therefore, relatives ask everyone who has any information to contact them by phone. Absolute anonymity is guaranteed, as well as reward.



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