‘Red’ person of interest in case of lawlessness at Medved detention center thrown to Khobot? 

‘Red’ person of interest in case of lawlessness at Medved detention center thrown to Khobot?
Thief in law Yevgeny Belyaev-Voznesensky nicknamed Khobot (Trunk)

The Federal Penitentiary Service is trying to transfer the former FSB agent to a colony, where those whom he had ‘handed over’ to human rights defenders, are waiting for him impatiently.

The story of serial extortion and beatings of those who refused to contribute to the ‘common fund’ in the Moscow Medved SIZO-4 (Bear Detention Center No. 4) took another twist. The employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) make strange decisions on escorting one of the witnesses in the case. According to Novaya Gazeta, it is businessman Ildar Abdrakhmanov, who previously was an agent of the FSB Department for Moscow and the Moscow Region, convicted for extortion.

He was put in the ill-fated SIZO-4 in April 2015. There, for a safe stay in the predetention center, the operative officer, who introduced himself as Yuri Rusanivsky, demanded that Abdrakhmanov should pay 15 thousand rubles a month. Also, for a monetary reward, he offered to give Abdrakhmanov a smartphone from his relatives. However, after receiving the money, the inmate never received the phone. He regularly reported about things happening in the SIZO to the Moscow Public Monitoring Commission: the prisoners were beaten, both other convicts and FSIN employees extorted money from them.

 Yevgeny Rozhkov

Yevgeny Rozhkov, nicknamed Rozhok (Horn)

It is to be recalled that mass violations in the SIZO-4 have transpired a little more than a year ago. Once, when four prisoners died in 1.5 months under mysterious circumstances, an agency check against the Head of SIZO-4 Alexey Khorev was carried out. According to human rights activists, the penal servants in collusion with mafia enforcer Yevgeny Rozhkov nicknamed Rozhok (Horn) and active member of Lyubertsy gang Sergey Schipantsev nicknamed Malysh (Baby) extorted money from detainees beating them to death. After a letter from the detention center to the human rights defenders has got to the press, the administration and ‘underbosses’ began bulling the inmates of cell No. 2. The suspected person who started the bullying is the kingpin Yevgeny Belyaev-Voznesensky nicknamed Khobot (Trunk). It was him, according to some, who initiated a ‘thieve-run’ through the cells, the purpose of which was to "kill, cut, piss over" anyone who asked for help in the PMC.


Sergey Schipantsev nicknamed Malysh (Baby) (on the right)

After the fuss in the media, MIA Lieutenant Colonel Alexey Khorev was fired.

As for Abdrakhmanov, after the verdict was announced, he was sent straight to the high security IR-1 in Kostroma. It is where Trunk is serving now.

"It's a setup that I was sent to the colony where Trunk is serving. It was done on purpose! This is revenge for everything, because I exposed the bastards," Abdrakhmanov commented on the situation.

Alexey Khorev

Ex-chief of Medved SIZO-4 Alexey Khorev

However, he was turned around and sent back to the Moscow detention center suddenly and without explanation, on the way to the place of punishment, in Yaroslavl. Moreover, according to Abdrakhmanov, no one really expected his return and no one could understand why he came back. Later, he was assigned to the IR-5 in Mordovia. In this penitentiary facility Sergey Khadjikurbanov (co-organizer of Anna Politkovskaya’s murder) who tuned him in is serving his sentence. While in SIZO-4, he learned that Abdrakhmanov worked with the FSB, and told the other prisoners that he was "red" (a prisoner who works with the prison administration).

According to the prisoner, all these things were plotted against him by Andrey Boyko who works with UFSIN Department of Internal Security in Moscow. FSIN ignored all requests from Abdrakhmanov’s lawyer and the human rights activists to transfer him to another safe area.



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