Recommending Russians “eat less” Sverdlovsk deputy hid his income

Recommending Russians “eat less” Sverdlovsk deputy hid his income
Ilya Gaffner

The Prosecutor's Office filed a lawsuit against bankrupt Ilya Gaffner on suspicion of concealing more than 400 thousand rubles from creditors.

Odious Deputy of the Sverdlovsk region Legislative Assembly Ilya Gaffner, who was declared a bankrupt in 2016, is suspected of concealing his income from creditors. Gaffner, also known for his anti-crisis adviсe "Eat less", will appear before the court.

The Prosecutor's Office of the Leninsky district filed two administrative actions with the Arbitration Court of the Sverdlovsk region against the wasted Deputy. The Parliamentarian is suspected of concealing property and obstruction of financial control activities. According to prosecutors, in respect of Gaffner after receiving the official status of the bankrupt the procedure for sale of the property in repayment of debt has been opened. So, from July 2016, the people's choice was to pass on his credit cards to financial control. In fact, he gave them only on September 21. In addition, he wrote a letter and received salary on hands. Thus, bankruptcy assets lost more than 400 thousand rubles. publication that main creditors of the Deputy are Rosselkhozbank and Sberbank. The total amount of claims is more than 168 800 000 rubles ($2 930 000). The reason of Ilya Gaffner's insolvency became his surety to the banks for loans to family businesses.

Recall, in January this year, the bankrupt Deputy filed a petition to the court on the allocation of the funds from bankruptcy assets for the maintenance of Gaffner and his three minor children. As a result, the court decided to exclude from the bankruptcy assets funds in the amount of the minimum subsistence level: 10.6 thousand rubles per month ($183) for the maintenance of Gaffner and 10.2 thousand rubles ($176) for each of his children.



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