Recklessness near MSU: Сourt arrested Hummer's owner for 14 days  

Recklessness near MSU: Сourt arrested Hummer's owner for 14 days

The owner of the vehicle has pleaded guilty for driving on snow-covered lawns near the Moscow State University.

The Nikulinskiy court in Moscow arrested Hummer owner Alexey Smagin for driving on the lawns and footpaths around the complex of buildings of the Moscow State University for 14 days.

"Smagin is found guilty under part 1 of Art. 20.1 of the Administrative Code (Petty Hooliganism),"- TASS quoted court's press secretary Alena Samokhodkina.

In court's documents stated that the SUV drove "down the street from the Mendeleevskaya to Universitetskaya Avenue in the direction of the Lomonosovsky Avenue, made a move through the snow shaft and then moved along the snow-covered lawn."

It is noted that 28-year-old owner of the Hummer admitted his guilt in full.

Earlier, TASS with reference to sources in law enforcement agencies reported that police detained a woman, who was allegedly behind the wheel at the time of traffic violation. At the moment, the news on the website is edited. Probably, the edition mistook a woman Dinara under dinarka070 nickname in Instagram social network for scorcher, because, according to the edition, she posted a video with the offense (currently, the video is deleted). In addition, it was reported that in the car there were several young men. Dinara threatened to sue anyone, who "tries to defame and slander" her name.

"I will apply to court with action for defamation and compensation for non-pecuniary damage!!!" - dinarka070 declared in a statement.

According to Life, she also gave evidence to the police department.

Recall, the police initiated an investigation into the video, posted on December 10. The footage shows how the Hummer driver is driving at high speed on snow-covered lawns and footpaths near the Moscow State University.

Video: Reckless Hummer driver runs through MSU lawns



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