Recidivist Toska who wounded policeman had corruption ties in Traffic Police?

Recidivist Toska who wounded policeman had corruption ties in Traffic Police?
The building where the incident occurred

The police came with a search warrant to the apartment of repeat offender Aleksandr Toskin, suspecting him of criminal ties with the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate in the town of Pavlovo, the Nizhny Novgorod region. Presumably, the man had registered stolen cars with a help of his friends.

New details have surfaced regarding the notorious incident that occurred yesterday in the small town of Pavlovo in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Officers came with a search warrant to 68-year-old Aleksandr Toskin’s place, suspecting him of corruption ties with the city traffic police. He was believed to regularly register stolen cars through some connections he had. It is worth noting that Toskin (for some, Toska – melancholy) had quite a record: out of 68 years of his life, almost a third (26 years) he had spent behind bars. According to sources of Kommersant, Toskin had been convicted of weapon possession, robbery and disorderly conduct. The officers found knives at the criminal’s house and were about to seize them when suddenly Toska twisted, grabbed one of the knives and put it to a policeman's throat. He threatened the policemen and demanded that the others should leave the apartment, before letting the hostage go too. He also said he would blow up the apartment (three grenades were found later).

The Special Police Force led by the Colonel Aleksandr Berezhnoy was sent to negotiate. The officer urged Toska to calm down and pass the weapons. The negotiations seemed successful at first: the bandit handed two grenades to the police. But then he lost his temper once again and shot the Colonel in the leg. Berezhnoy had to be taken away in an ambulance.

Toska was killed while the apartment was being stormed. We are yet to establish as to how that happened: one version claims he shot himself, while according to the other one he had been fatally wounded by the policemen. Forensic scientists are in the process of establishing the course of events.

As regards the Colonel, he is currently completely safe. The incident became the grounds for a criminal case under article Encroachment on the Life of an Officer of a Law-enforcement Agency (Art. 317 of the Criminal Code). The Security Department is likely to be the one continuing investigating corruption cases in the Traffic Police.



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