Reason for detention of Russian journalist in the US disclosed

Reason for detention of Russian journalist in the US disclosed
Alexander Malkevich

Alexander Malkevich is not charged.

The editor-in-chief of USA Really and the first deputy chairman of the Public Chamber for Information Society Development, Alexander Malkevich, revealed the details of his detention by FBI officials in Washington, Interfax reports on November 11.

According to Malkevich, he was notified of the liability to register the USA Really edition as a foreign agent. “The order that was proceeded to me prescribed to arrest me, testify, withdraw and check all my electronic media,” the journalist said.

The member of the Public Chamber stressed that no charges were leveled against him. He also said that FBI officials asked questions regarding alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US elections.

Also, the journalist said that at the moment he is in Paris, where he arrived to participate in events dedicated to the First World War end centenary.

On November 11 it became known that Malkevich was detained after he checked in for the flight.

The USA Really online news publication is a subsidiary of the Federal News Agency and was launched in June 2018. It works on the US agenda, covers events in politics and society.



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