Real killer of widow and her son in the north of Moscow caught

Real killer of widow and her son in the north of Moscow caught
The accident scene

So far, almost nothing is known about him.

Operatives have detained the ‘real killer’ of the Smirnov family, Telegram channel 112 informs.

It is known that the man was detained in the Moscow region, now he is being taken to the capital for interrogation. It is known that the main suspect is a Muscovite and has a criminal record.

It also became known that after a conversation with the investigators, Dmitry, previously suspected of the murder, was released; according to some sources, he was a lover of the widow. The channel reports the man had a rather convincing alibi.

As The CrimeRussia wrote earlier, the murder of 35-year-old Yekaterina Smirnova and her 12-year-old son was pulled off in an apartment on Sofiya Kovalevskaya Street on the evening of November 3. The body of the child had over 30 stab wounds. Judging by deep cuts on their arms, the victims resisted. The murderer tried to dismember the corpses, but for some reason never completed it. The body was found by the mother of the deceased, it was also she that turned to the police and told about Dmitry, who had recently frequented to the family.

The media wrote that Yekaterina became a widow about a year ago - her husband, a military man, died of a stroke during their trip to the woman’s homeland, the Vladimir region. After his death, a legal battle between her and relatives of the defunct began. The mother-in-law and sister-in-law demanded to sign over a share of the apartment to them.



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