Raszvetai company founder falls out of window in Novosibirsk

Raszvetai company founder falls out of window in Novosibirsk
Alexey Kornakov Photo: Alexey Kornakov's Facebook page

According to some reports, Alexey Kornakov accumulated enormous debts.

Entrepreneur Alexey Kornakov, known as the founder of the Raszvetai company, engaged in the implementation of dietary supplements and cosmetics, died after falling from the window of the ninth floor in Novosibirsk. RBC reports it citing sources and local media.

According to the Sibkray publication, the investigation has already appointed a forensic examination and the verification of the incident.

The businessman died in the 47th year of life. In Novosibirsk, he is also known as the founder of the Emelyanovsky agro-complex. Then the entrepreneur created the Raszvetai holding, which realized the product line with the same name. The company's website claims that the products Raszvetaya are aimed at protection from stress and the consequences of poor ecology.

According to local media, things went wrong; Kornakov gets massive debts.

NDN.Info notes that in November 2018 Alexey Kornakov pledged his Maybach car. In December, he became involved in a public scandal over a banquet in the building of the Opera and Ballet Theater of Novosibirsk, as he invited artist Leonid Agutin.



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