Rasul Mirzaev: I was shot 14 times, it's a miracle I'm alive

Rasul Mirzaev: I was shot 14 times, it's a miracle I'm alive
Rasul Mirzaev

The MMA fighter, who is now in hospital, revealed details of the attack, told about state of his health and sports plans.

On December 31, three unknown men with the help of Zubaydat Ismailova, a girl familiar with the athlete, broke into Rasul Mirzaev’s apartment. As investigators found out, one of the attackers was Kamil Allahverdiev of Dagestan, 23. The gunmen fired several shots in Mirzaev from a traumatic gun, beat him with baseball bats and choked with a chain.

As it became known to Life, the motive of attack was a revenge for a fight in a nightclub, in which Mirzaev stood up for his friend, MMA fighter Artem Lobov. The latter is an Irish of Russian origin; he trains in a club with UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor.

To remind: Conor McGregor avoids a combat with Russian fighter Habib Nurmagomedov, who has had no loses in his fight career. On this basis, a cross-fire between Lobov and natives of Dagestan took place, which later turned into a fight, and Mirzaev stood up for his friend.

On December 31, after the attack in his apartment, Mirzaev was taken to a hospital in serious condition. Now he is already stable, there is no threat to his life. Mirzaev himself hopes to start training in a month.

“They shot me 14 times, but I received only 4 of them.  I don’t understand, how it could happen. It was a miracle, I have no other explanation,” - said Mirzaev to Life.

“Thank God I'm alive, now everything is alright,” - added the fighter. “Now I wait for my recovery as soon as possible to start training again. When I leave the hospital, I will begin intensive training immediately. The rematch with Georgian Levan Makashvili means a lot to me (the fight was scheduled for March 25, but was postponed later for an indefinite period due to the attack - Life’s note). I will try to do everything I can to show my maximum in this battle. Of course, Makashvili is very strong and good opponent. But in our first fight he was lucky with two or three takedowns (leg takedown and throw  - Life’s note), it helped him to win on points. I treat him with great respect, but I hope to win the next battle.

- How do you feel?

“I need some time to recover. To sleep well ... and to show my eye to a doctor. I think, it will take a month to fully recover. After that, I will be able to start running and training.”

Two bullets hit Mirzaev in the head, one - in the chest, and another one - in his stomach. In addition to penetrating bullet wounds, the fighter was diagnosed brain injury and multiple bruises on his chest and legs.



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