Rapist from Perm given life sentence for murdering two girls

Rapist from Perm given life sentence for murdering two girls
Sergey Khalmetov

In 2006, the man met two girls at a railway station; they had run away from home. A little later, he raped and killed them.

In Perm, the court has sentenced Sergey Khalmetov to life imprisonment for raping and murdering two girls. He has been found guilty of committing crimes under Art. 131 of the Russian Criminal Code (Rape of a Minor Girl), 132 (Violent Actions of Sexual Character against a Minor Girl), and Art. 105 (Murder).

According to the regional ICR Directorate, the native of Udmurtia committed the crime in the summer of 2006. He met with a 13-year-old girl and her 12-year-old friends, who had run away from home, at the railway station. He lured his victims to a deserted place, where he raped them, and then killed the children to hide the crime.

It was not until November 2017 that the man was identified and detained, and the crime solved. “A genotypic forensic examination identified the genetic profile of the criminal that was registered with the federal genomic information database. When checking the DNA records, the coincidences of Khalmetov's genotype with the genotype of the person who had committed crimes against sexual integrity and the murder of two minors were revealed,” the ICR reported.

Khalmetov will serve his life sentence in a special regime penal colony.



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