Daughter of 'Putin's chef' is fond of burn-up 

Daughter of 'Putin's chef' is fond of burn-up
Photo: Photos from Prigozhina's accounts in social networks

As follows from the database of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, she owes payola of fines for violation of traffic rules.

Daughter of businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin Polina Prigozhina has a lot of unpaid fines drawn up by the traffic police for violating the rules of the road. According to information from the database of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, the Federal Bailiff Service Directorate, and services for online inspection of fines, the orders were already sent to the bailiffs.

Polina Prigozhina, who was born on August 15, 1992, appears in the protocols on administrative violations of the enforcement proceedings database. According to it, Prigozhina drives white Range Rover Sport 2015 worth 3 million rubles ($49.900).

Using the number of the decision on the administrative fine, it was possible to find out the name of the vehicle certificate, and it became clear that she owes five penalties: they were written out in 2017 and not repaid.


Photos of violations are confirmed by the traffic police fines. It follows that in January 2017 she was riding at speed of about 40 kph, and in March of the same year, Ms. Prigozhina went over the speed limit by 24 kph at Primorsky Avenue.


In addition to speeding, the Range Rover Sport ignored prohibiting signal of a traffic light (the fine was one thousand rubles) and was involved in drunk driving (the fine was 30 thousand rubles). The driver was stopped on February 4, 2017, at 12:20 am.


The traffic police refused to comment on this information, referring to the protection of personal data.

There is information that Alexander Sklyarov, who, according to media reports, has ties with the restaurant business, was behind the wheel on February 4, 2017. In particular, it was reported that he would become manager of Street Food Bar No. 1, which appeared on the site of Prigozhin’s former restaurant Russian Kitsch.

After the police officers stopped the car, which Sklyarov ran, they found that his behavior was inadequate. The alcohol test did not reveal anything after that Sklyarov was directed to a narcologist. The chemical-toxicological study showed that the driver's urine contained a narcotic substance.

He was charged with driving in a state of intoxication (part 1 of Article 12.8 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation), which resulted in Sklyarov being fined 30 thousand rubles and deprived of driving license for one year and six months. Despite the fact that the court mitigated the sentence on the grounds of full confession, Sklyarov appealed the decision, but the higher instance left the verdict in force.

According to the State Traffic Inspectorate, since October 19, 2015, an individual owns Range Rover Sport. The vehicle does not meet with an accident, it is not wanted and is not subject to any restrictions.

Two photos from the car salon hit the Instagram of Polina Prigozhina. On one of them, she is in the driver's seat, and on the other - in the salon with a cocktail. Now the account is closed, but the photo is in Google Drive.



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