Putin orders to deal with cancellation of rap concerts, Moskalkova says

Putin orders to deal with cancellation of rap concerts, Moskalkova says
Tatyana Moskalkova

Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with human rights activists that it was necessary to find out the reasons for the cancellation of concerts of a number of youth performers in recent weeks.

A meeting of the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights with the President of Russia raised the question about the cancellation of concerts of youth performers in the past few weeks, the Commissioner for Human Rights Tatyana Moskalkova said.

“It turns out that this is not an isolated case, but rather, apparently, a systematic one. For the President this was a new question, he said it was necessary to find out the reasons,” RIA Novosti cites Moskalkova as saying.

The Ombudsman said that she received information about the cancellation of the concerts from Moscow students and had already sent a request to the Moscow Prosecutor's Office.

A member of the HRC, journalist Yekaterina Vinokurova told RBC that, together with human rights activist Andrey Babushkin, she asked the head of state about the cancellations of concerts in the country. She confirmed that Putin had offered to clarify the reasons.

December 7, the situation around rap concerts was commented on by the Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov. He then stated that the Kremlin was “watching the events very closely,” but at the same time he refused to specify the reaction of the Presidential Administration.

In recent months, at requests of local authorities and initiative groups, concerts of rap artists, including Eldzhey, Face, Feduk, have been canceled.

In the beginning of December, Frendzona band announced the cancellation of their performances in Ivanovo and Yaroslavl. The musicians reported that they had complaints from various authorities, and the Prosecutor’s Office of Kirovsky district of Yaroslavl stated that the authorities should protect children from “information, propaganda and agitation” that are detrimental to their moral development and spiritual growth. As an argument, it was pointed out that the songs of Frendzona contain curses, propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships, suicide.

The authorities also had claims to concerts of rapper Husky (Dmitry Kuznetsov). When it comes to Krasnodar, he was detained there for 15 days for petty hooliganism, but was released three days after the court decision on the abolition of administrative punishment.

The Ministry of Culture called the cancellation of the concerts not the smartest decision, and the Head of the department, Vladimir Medinsky, dubbed the whole story a "funny story." In his opinion, it is better to intervene less in cultural processes, especially when it comes to the youth.

The First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, Sergey Kiriyenko, also called the cancellation of rap concerts stupid. “The main value of the modern young generation is the value of self-realization,” he stated at the United Russia convention.




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