Putin comments on criminal case of Novoye Velichiye 

Putin comments on criminal case of Novoye Velichiye

The Human Rights Council asked the president to verify the legality of the arrest of Lev Ponomarev and the adolescents whom he supported.

Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to order Prosecutor General Yury Chaika to check the legality of the arrest of human rights activist Lev Ponomarev, who made a repost on the social network with a call to participate in a rally in defense of those arrested in criminal case of Novoye Velichiye (New Greatness) and Set (Network). Putin assured that he didn’t know what the action was held against and the details of the criminal cases.

“This is some kind of gaponovschina. Let's take a look,” said the Russian President at a meeting with the Human Rights Council when he heard about torture and provocations allegedly committed by the FSB.

It is to be recalled that in 2018 a Moscow court arrested the members of the organization called New Greatness, which was recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation. The idea to create such a movement, according to the case materials, was put forward by a person under the nickname “Ruslan D.” associated with the FSB. He wrote the charter, rented premises for the constituent assemblies, and maintained activity in the chat, since the rest of the members did not take the political program seriously.

The members of the Network, which is recognized as a terrorist group in the Russian Federation, were arrested by the court in Penza in October 2017. The defendants allegedly prepared to overthrow the country's leadership and terrorist attacks in the spring of 2018. The defendants said they had pleaded guilty under torture.



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