Pushkinsky Dale's case: names of ex-Governor Tkachev and his deputy Remezkov came to light

Pushkinsky Dale's case: names of ex-Governor Tkachev and his deputy Remezkov came to light
Former Governor of the Krasnodar region Alexander Tkachev

Thanks to the hype raised by deceived landowners in the Krasnodar region, the scale of corruption ties between local authorities and businessmen during the reign of Alexander Tkachev became known.

The case of fraud in the assignment of rights to lease land in the cottage settlement Pushkinsky Dale had reached the court, but soon was removed to the Prosecutor's Office for revision. Thus, the court of Gelendzhik granted the petition of defendant Inna Kushch. The decree said that the indictment in the case was drawn up with violation of Criminal Procedural Code norms, which are not eliminated in judicial proceedings.

Victims of the case are 158 people - all of them can lose their homes and lands, and even compensation for the losses, because their buildings are located on lands belonging to the forest fund. In fact, all of them are victims of a multi-stage deception, arranged by enterprising businessmen in a spike with local officials. However, only one person, the director of a real estate agency, is behind bars.

Lawyer of the victims Mikhail Benyash believes that the case requires additional investigation and corruption.

However, by digging deeper and finding out who is behind all the companies involved in the fraud, it can hardly be assumed that all the perpetrators will be punished. Among the names appearing in the case - son-in-law of former Governor of Kuban Alexander Tkachev Roman Batalov, sister of ex-Vice-Governor Alexander Remezkov Zhanna Arefyeva and director of the company owned by Nikolay Shamalov.

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