Purges of foreign students in Moscow universities continue

Purges of foreign students in Moscow universities continue
Special operation in the hostel Photo: Social networks

The security forces will conduct special operations in other Russian universities, experts say.

The Russian universities face the purges by analogy with the one that happened the day before in the dormitory of the Russian State Geological Prospecting University, where students of Ingush nationality were detained. Experts at URA.RU argue, "representatives of the Caucasian republics will be subjected to detailed verification."

“There is evidence that the operation that took place was just the beginning. With a high degree of probability, the siloviki will “shake up” many universities, primarily in Moscow and large cities,” said a source close to the leadership of one of the national republics. According to him, "this is intentionally done so openly."

The special operation in the dormitory of a Moscow university was “prominent,” Aslambek Paskachev, the chairman of the Russian Congress of the Peoples of the Caucasus, confirmed. He stated that purges should not be so open.

“This should not be a show! Today they came for the Ingush, tomorrow - for the Chechens, the day after tomorrow - for the Dagestanis. Why? We are all citizens of one country,” Paskachev outraged.

Head of the Center for the Study of Public Applications for National Security Alexander Zhilin explained the checks. “Many representatives of the Caucasus sometimes behave defiantly or outside the law. For example, they drive around Moscow in cars with state license plates showing their republic. In the army, natives of the Caucasian regions are immediately consolidated and often nightmarize everyone else, even the officers,” Zhilin confirmed.

Experts are unanimous in the opinion that the population has formed a request to combat the terror so that operations will continue further.

As The CrimeRussia has previously written, mass arrests of students occurred in the dormitory of a Moscow high school on the morning of Monday, December 17. According to Ingush representative in Moscow Alikhan Tsechoev, 36 Ingush students were detained and sent to the police station. Pistols, fake prosecutor's certificates, and drugs were confiscated from students.



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