Punishment mitigated for lawyer Budantsev who shot 2 Shakro Molodoy's security officers  

Punishment mitigated for lawyer Budantsev who shot 2 Shakro Molodoy's security officers
Eduard Budantsev in court

Charges against one of the main defendants in the case of shooting on Rochdelskaya Street in Moscow in December 2015 have been amended.

According to Rosbalt citing a source familiar with the situation, instead of murder two persons, now the investigators from the ICR Main Investigations Directorate in Moscow charge lawyer Eduard Budantsev with Article 108 (Murder committed in excess of the permissible limits of self-defense) of the Russian Criminal Code.

It was previously reported that Budantsev was under house arrest. It has recently been reported that he had been released on his own recognizance.

The agency's source noted that the investigation regarded Budantsev's actions as resistance to a "well-armed criminal group that posed a threat to his life."

Let us recall that lawyer Budantsev was detained on December 14, 2015, immediately after the events at the Elements restaurant owned by Zhanna Kim, who had called Shakro Molodoy and his henchmen out. The resolution of a money dispute worth 8 million rubles (140 thousand dollars) between Kim and designer Fatima Misikova, whose interests were represented by Shakro Molodoy’s henchman Andrey Kochuykov (Italyanets), turned into a shootout. Two officers of the private security company (PSC) controlled by Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) were personally shot by Budantsev from a service Beretta gun; several people were injured from traumatic weapons, with which the PSC officers were armed. Some time after the detention of Budantsev, the ICR Main Investigations Directorate in Moscow initiated a criminal case under Art. 105 (Murder of two and more persons) of the Russian Criminal Code.

Meanwhile, according to the testimony of the former MIA officers Denis Romashkin, Ildar Shakirov, and Renat Zinnatulin, accused of inaction during the firefight on Rochdelskaya, the armed conflict between the parties was provoked by Budantsev.

Later, one of the persons involved in the shooting on Budantsev's side, an employee of Diktatura Zakona, the law firm headed by him, said that the reason for the shooting was "a sudden personal enmity" between Italyanets's guard Aleksey Kitaev and Budantsev.

According to him, Italyanets tried to prevent the bloodshed, but could not.

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