Psebay’s residents turn against friend and husband of murdered mother of many children

Psebay’s residents turn against friend and husband of murdered mother of many children
Natalya Dmitrieva

The woman is accused of leaving her friend and covering up one of the murderers.

Residents of the Psebay village, where the mother of five Natalya Dmitrieva had been brutally raped and murdered, have turned against the victim’s friend, Vera, who accompanied her that last evening.

According to Moskovsky Komsomolets, the neighbors accuse Vera of leaving her friend Natalya when two teenagers were taking her away. In addition, it is known that a 16-year-old boy from the same company was walking the friend of the deceased woman home; the villagers believe that she may be covering him up.

Vera’s close friends say she is having hard time undergoing the tragedy, especially now, when the allegations have emerged – the woman practically does not leave the house and wants to take time out of paid work.

The victim’s husband also faces accusations; people say he should not have let Natalya go to the café that night and that he could have prevented the tragedy. According to the Dmitrievs’ nearest neighbors, the man has practically fallen out of touch and does not go out.

Rallies are held in the village; according to yesterday's activists who tried to seek a fair investigation, people now attend meetings for different purposes – namely, installation of lighting in the village, rebuilding the bridge, and other benefits.

“The people gathered for a rally the other day. I didn’t go. I don’t know what they were discussing. Perhaps it was just some cravings of people, such as installation of lighting and infrastructure development. Local authorities now try to appease the residents in every way after the case got so big,” one of the locals told the publication.

To recall, two young men – Saveliy from Krasnodar, 20, and a 16-year-old local – have been detained for the murder of Natalya Dmitrieva. According to the investigation, they abused and then brutally killed the woman 100 meters from her house. The ICR Main Investigations Directorate is in charge of the investigation.



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