Proxy servers to be blocked in Russia

Proxy servers to be blocked in Russia

Founders of proxy servers TgProxy and Vee Security have reported on receiving warnings from Roskomnadzor.

Russian watchdog (Roskomnadzor) sends notifications of the forthcoming blocking to founders of proxy servers, allowing to bypass the Telegram blocking. This is reported by head of the Agora international group Pavel Chikov, which lawyers represent the interests of the messenger.

According to Chikov, Roskomnadzor refers to calls for mass riots and extremist activity as a basis for blocking.

Founders of proxy servers TgProxy and Vee Security have confirmed receiving such warning from Roskomnadzor.

The Prosecutor General's Office can seek blocking of websites if there are calls for riots, extremist activity and uncoordinated event. The agency can also block sites or individual pages for the publication of instructions on bypassing blocking.

Roskomnadzor blocked Telegram in Russia on April 16 on the basis of the decision of Tagansky court of Moscow. The reason for the lawsuit was the denial of the messenger to pass the FSB encryption keys from the users' correspondence.

In the evening on April 16, about 800 thousand IP-addresses of the Amazon hosting provider were put in the register of prohibited sites. Roskomnadzor confirmed that this was done out of the blocking of Telegram. Also, more than a million Google IP-addresses entered the registry of banned sites.

In connection with the blocking of IP-addresses of Amazon, a number of Russian websites were blocked, in particular, the Skyeng online English courses, the courier service and the online store

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