Protests against immigrants in Yakutsk considered national threat

Protests against immigrants in Yakutsk considered national threat

The locals began attacking migrants after men from Central Asia raped a woman.

Yakutsk was overwhelmed by a wave of nationalism after a local woman was raped by immigrants from Central Asia. The locals attack migrant workers, organize rallies and meetings against them. The head of the Migrant Trade Union, Renat Karimov, called Yakut nationalism a wake-up call for Russia.

“We remember how the authorities flirted with the Russian nationalists and allowed them relevant marches. And behind Russian nationalism, Tatar nationalism suddenly emerged. In Yakutia and Buryatia, for sure there are also people who are ready to defend their interests. And the events in Yakutsk, for Russia as a multinational state, are another wake-up call,” quotes Karimov as saying.

Karimov called the rape of the local woman a “terrible, heinous” crime, but noted that the criminals’ nationality has nothing to do with it. “In 2017, 117 crimes were committed in Yakutia against sexual freedom and sexual integrity, of which only six [were committed] by foreigners, and in 2018, 296 crimes of this category, of which only four [were committed] by migrants,” Karimov explains.

After several attacks on visitors on March 19, a number of vegetable stalls did not open in Yakutsk, and dozens of buses did not enter the routes. The migrants fear for their lives. However, the head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, supported the nationalists and urged small and medium-sized businesses to hire only Yakuts.



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