Prosecutors start searching for Zhanna Friske’s lost millions

Prosecutors start searching for Zhanna Friske’s lost millions
Zhanna Friske’s funerals

Zhanna’s relatives were called in for questioning.

According to the results of a pre-investigation check held by law enforcement officers, it is true the money collected for Zhanna Friske’s treatment was lost. Her mother, Olga Kopylova, and her sister, Natalya Friske, together with a lawyer visited prosecutors for giving preliminary evidence. No documents proving that the money was spent on the treatment of the ill singer were provided by her relatives. In the nearest future, the criminal case connected with “disappearing” of the money, which the Rusfond gave to Friske, will be initiated. 

At the same time, singer’s father claimed that neither he nor his wife managed the funds received from the Rusfond.

Moreover, media reports that Dmitry Shepelev put freeze on construction and decoration of his villa in the Istra District of the Moscow Region due to the lack of finances.

To remind: in 2014, Friske’s colleagues and fans with the help of the ORT channel collected about 25 million rubles for her treatment, which were transferred to her bank account by the Rusfond charity organization.

Afterwards, the singer who was fighting with cancer published the report in which she announced that 4 120 959 rubles were expended. She suggested spending the rest of collected sum of money for treatment of severely ill children.

Zhanna Friske passed away in her private house in the Moscow Region on the 15th of June.

According to the Russian legislation, any charity organization has a right to keep targeted donations on its account for a period of no more than one year. By virtue of the contract between the Rusfond and Zhanna Friske, this charity organization is allowed to request a report about money spending or demand money to be returned, if documents are not provided in case of demand.

The Rusfond says that unspent money of 20 890 831 rubles disappeared from Zhanna’s account after her death and no one of her relatives provided report about spending of that money.

It is evident that now prosecutors will investigate the track of lost money.



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