Prosecutor unwittingly shoots judge on the hunt

Prosecutor unwittingly shoots judge on the hunt
Dinar Shakirov Photo: newspaper Mechetlinskaya Zhizn' (Mechetlinskaya Life)

The hunter accidentally wounded the judge, turning a herd of roe deer out from the forest.

Prosecutor Dinar Shakirov accidentally shot a judge of the Belokatay inter-district court, Azat Shakirov, during a shoot in Mechetlinsky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan, ProUfu newspaper reported. The judge was wounded in the neck and died in the hospital.

According to the publication, the accident occurred in the afternoon of November 16. Prosecutor of Mechetlinsky district Shakirov, Judge Shakirov and chief of the guard of the fire department Fakhretdinov went hunting in the area of village Azikeevo. They had hunting carbines Saiga with them.

On the spot the hunters saw several Siberian roe deer, which, having noticed them, hid in shallow wood. The prosecutor offered his companions to go round the low forest while he would be turning the animals out toward them. Having reached the agreed place, the fireman and the judge remained in the car waiting for the roe deer.

After a while Fakhretdinov heard a pop and saw that Shakirov was wounded in the neck. The judge was taken to Bolsheustinsky central district hospital, where he passed away.

The prosecutor's office of Bashkortostan has organized an official check, however another agency will investigate the incident. The Investigative Committee sent an operational group to the site to establish all the circumstances of the incident.

The prosecutor's office of Mechetlinsky district informed that the next day Shakirov did not appear at work. His current whereabouts are unknown.



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