Prosecutor to find out why neighbors of Buryatia’s Head have no access to river

Prosecutor to find out why neighbors of Buryatia’s Head have no access to river
Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn

The local department of Rosprirodnadzor environmental watchdog that had concealed the illegal restriction of citizens' access to a reservoir is to explain why the administrative case had been closed and the checks stopped.

The Buryatia’s Environmental Prosecutor's Office is investigating the reason why concrete blocks were put to limit the access to the Selenga River near Sotnikovo village as well as why the local Rosprirodnadzor remains oblivious to the fact. The institution initiated an administrative investigation regarding the offense committed in the village, where Buryatia’s Head Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn resides.

The East Baikal Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor's Office reported that upon revealing the illegal access restriction, Rosprirodnadzor hushed the fact from the environmental prosecutors. According to the, the person responsible for this has been reprimanded.

It is worth noting that at first Rosprirodnadzor filed an administrative case under Art. 8.12.1 of the Administrative Code (Violating the Procedure for Granting Land Plots and Forests in Water Preservation Zones to Citizens and Legal Entities and the Regime for Using Them). Soon, however, the investigation was inexplicably stopped for lack of corpus delicti, although earlier a field inspection confirmed the fact of shoreline fencing.

According to the Trans-Baikal Environmental Prosecutor's Office, Rosprirodnadzor failed to identify those involved in the access restriction to the water. No supervision was set up to ensure compliance with the water-related legislation.

Meanwhile, the Buryat media reported that this is not the first scandal associated with Buryatia’s Governor Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn. The official may become a witness in the case of budget funds embezzlement during renovation of an upscale guesthouse in Sotnikovo. The main accused of the case is Aleksandr Suchkov, the former Chief of economic and transport complex of Buryatia’s Head, previously convicted for a 61-million-ruble embezzlement and then amnestied.

The defendant, in turn, said that he had acted on the governor’s direct orders. Speaking on the incident in a recent television interview, a spokesman for the Buryatia’a head said all the criticism against Nagovitsyn was "a political put-up job against the background of the election campaign for the Governor's seat."



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