Prosecutor’s shore: who occupied protected area of Nakhimovskoye Lake? 

Prosecutor’s shore: who occupied protected area of Nakhimovskoye Lake?
Nakhimovskoye Lake shore in Roshinsky District of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg officials and businessmen built up the shore of the lake reserve, despite the local residents’ protests, judicial decisions and prosecutorial reviews.

The influential St. Petersburg officials and businessmen in violation of law built up the Nakhimov Lake shore in Roshinsky District of St. Petersburg, the Russiangate writes. The construction of luxury residences for the elite is accompanied by illegal felling of the protected forest. In addition, huge villa fences closed the access to the shoreline to the local population.

The residents of nearby villages have repeatedly complained to the Prosecutor's Office, however, it was in vain, despite the fact that in accordance with the decision of the authority, the constructions were found to be illegal. In 2010, during one of these visits, it was found that one of the sites belongs to the former Chief of the Prosecutor General’s Office for the Northwest Federal District Sergey Bednichenko. Because of the scandal, Bednichenko sold the property, but the settlement of the territory has not ended. After this incident, the activists and the local residents began to call the shore between the villages Tsvelodubovo and Ovsyanoye the "Prosecutor’s shore".

In 2013, the village residents, together with Roshinsky forestry decided on a large-scale protest against the developers. Then, the court has received 16 petitions against the illegal alienation of forest areas. The court ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, however, nothing has changed, and the construction continued.

It is not so simple to find out who lives in those cottages: in the Rosreestr’s extracts, the owner's boxes are just empty. However, there is some information about the owners of luxury housing. Among them: the Head of the company NJK-SPb (National Housing Corporation) Andrey Barinov (engaged in construction of low cost townhouses) and his business partners Sergey Ilchenko and Anna Abramchik; one of the largest operators of outdoor advertising in St. Petersburg Dmitry Stolov and his partner Vadim Antonenko; the CEO of Gazpromneft – Regionalniye prodazi (Regional sales) Valery Ledovsky; David Rabinovich – the son of a prominent businessman Alexander Rabinovich; the owner of VENDEX Group Sergey Shpungin and his business partner Dmitry Gromov; the Deputy Chairman of the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region Dmitry Khokhlov; the Deputy Director on legal issues of GOZ Obukhovsky zavod Olga Hodorova; the former Director of the Leningrad regional power grid management company (LOESK) Vadim Malyka; the CEO of Stroitelno-promyshlennaya kompaniya Lenkhimstroy (Construction and Industrial Company Lenkhimstroy) Andrey Lokshin.

It is worth noting that the prices in the "premium cottage village Liikola Club" are not modest: the figures for elite areas on the coast start at 25 million rubles for the land plot, and the house is worth about 26 million. At that, the territory is equipped with all the necessities for wealthy residents: sports facilities, yacht club for 28 ships, a helipad, farming, fisheries and, of course, incredibly beautiful views of nature.

The elite settlement was built by freeDom Haus, headed by a certain Alexey Bochnev. On paper, all the buildings have the status of "agricultural purpose", and the non-profit dacha partnership Liikola is located in the area. In the summer of 2016, the arrangement of parking for the sailing club vessels began in full swing in the village.

It is also necessary to mention the company Ovsyanoye LLC which was established in the same village. Its owner is a billionaire, the twenty-four-hour Governor of St. Petersburg Dmitry Mihalchenko, who is now under arrest on charges of smuggling alcohol.

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