Prosecutor Korzhinek in FC: I have done with Tsapok’s gang by law 

Prosecutor Korzhinek in FC: I have done with Tsapok’s gang by law
The 2nd Class State Counselor of Justice Leonid Korzhinek

The Yuri Chaika's Deputy the Prosecutor Leonid Korzhinek told the Federation Council (FC) on the validity of his refusal to initiate criminal proceedings against leaders of the Tsapok’s gang.

The Federation Council approved the Prosecutor of the Krasnodar region Leonid Korzhinek as the Deputy of the Prosecutor General as advised by the President of Russia. The 2nd Class State Counselor of Justice will replace the retired in May Sabir Kehlerov, who oversaw the areas of cooperation with the State Duma and the Federation Council, the state prosecution and the Prosecutor's Office functions in the civil and arbitration proceedings.

Speaking at the Federation Council's meeting on the occasion of the appointment Korzhinek stressed that his actions as the Prosecutor of the Krasnodar region in the Tsapok's case were legitimate and later confirmed by court rulings.

Speech about this came not by accident. Thread of the Krasnodar region Prosecutor's Office's negative role in the events in the Kushchevskaya village, associated with the actions of Tsapok’s gang, has been repeatedly raised in the media, most Korzhinek was accused of canceling the decision to institute criminal proceedings against the leaders of the notorious organized crime group.

The nomination of worked as the Kuban Prosecutor since 2006 Korzhinek as the Deputy of the Prosecutor General caused a great response in the media, who has not forgotten the Prosecutor of Krasnodar region since the time of the Alexey Navalny's FBK investigation dedicated to the Prosecutor General Yury Chaika's family and co. The investigation marked Korzhinek's relations with Tsapok’s gang leaders through prosecutors' wives.


Tsapki in the court

"Decision to open a criminal case was repeatedly quashed by other managers and authorized persons, and I canceled it because there were not sufficient reasons and grounds for legal action. The decision was confirmed by courts,"- Korzhinek said at a meeting at the Federation Council.

Recall that on November, 5 2010 Tsapok’s gang named after its leader Sergey Tsapok, massacred in the Kushchevskaya village and killed 12 people, among them four children. The investigation revealed numerous violations in the work of Kuschevka law enforcement agencies and a number of serious crimes of past years committed by members of the Tsapok’s gang were solved.


The leader of the Kushchevskaya OCG Sergey Tsapok

Defendants in the case were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment; Tsapok convicted for life in 2013 died a year later in the Krasnodar pre-trial detention center by the blockage of the pulmonary artery due to detachment of the thrombus.

The Prosecutor of the Krasnodar region Leonid Korzhinek became known throughout the country thanks to the cancellation of the 2009-year-decision to initiate proceedings against the leader of the gang Sergey Tsapok, who was suspected in the beating of police officers in the Kushchevskaya village. Therefore, Korzhinek got a reputation of the Tsapok’s gang patron on the Prosecutor's Office line.



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