Prosecutor General's Office asked to check offshores of billionaire standing in deputy elections

Prosecutor General's Office asked to check offshores of billionaire standing in deputy elections
Boris Paikin (in the center)

The LDPR, which put forward businessman Boris Paikin, consider him a 'crystal-clear man'. So they "will not even pay attention" to such statements.⁠

Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communists of Russia party Sergei Malinkovich asked the Prosecutor General's Office to check if Boris Paikin, a candidate for State Duma deputy for the Bryansk one-mandate district from the LDPR, had foreign assets. Malinkovich relies on the data published in the media by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), which presented the famous Panama Papers in 2016. Thanks to the leakage of confidential documents of Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, many names of Russian businessmen and politicians connected with off-shores became known.

As Kommersant writes, according to Malinkovich, also running for the State Duma, Paikin is a partner in one of the companies of the British Virgin Islands. Notably, earlier it was reported that the name of co-owner of Fort Group Boris Paikin in fact coincided with the owner of a part of Sander Universal Inc offshore registered in the British Virgin Islands.

If this is true, then, according to Malinkovich, admission to participate in elections of a member of the State Duma for a citizen who has financial assets abroad represents a threat to Russia's national security. Therefore, if these data are confirmed, the candidate from the Communists of Russia calls to deprive the competitor of registration in elections in accordance with the electoral legislation.


Boris Paikin worked in the North-West Department of Rosavtodor, was the general director of the North-West Directorate of the State Construction Committee of the Russian Federation for the construction of a complex of St. Petersburg's protective facilities against floods, headed Gazprom Sotsinvest, finally in 2013 he became a co-owner of investment company FortGroup, investing money in real estate. As a result of last year, Delovoy Peterburg estimated he owns over 23 billion rubles ($383.5m).

In turn, the vice-speaker of the State Duma, a member of the LDPR faction and the son of leader of the party Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Igor Lebedev, told the publication that the party was not going to pay attention to such statements, because they do not perceive the Communists of Russia as a full-fledged political party. They consider their candidate Boris Paikin a crystal-clear person who, in case of victory, will declare everything he has.

By-elections to the State Duma in one-mandate constituencies will be held on a common day of voting – September 10, 2017. In Bryansk district, the place was free after the elected candidate from the United Russia, Vladimir Zhutenkov prematurely resigned. The General Council of the United Russia decided not to nominate a candidate for this district.

It is worth-noting that a year ago Paikin already ran for the State Duma in St. Petersburg, but then he lost the vote.



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