Prosecution asks to jail ex-deputy head of prison for 8 years for torturing inmates

Prosecution asks to jail ex-deputy head of prison for 8 years for torturing inmates

Mikhail Belousov's accomplices were filming the tortures.

The prosecutor's office of the Sverdlovsk region asked for an eight-year imprisonment in a general-regime colony for the former deputy head of the correctional colony No. 2, Mikhail Belousov, as well as deprivation of the rank of lieutenant colonel of internal service and the right to hold public office for two years, according to Belousov's case on inmate torture is considered in the Verkh-Isetsky District Court of Yekaterinburg.

Belousov was detained in May 2016. The Sverdlovsk region Investigative Committee accused him of Exceeding Official Powers (item (a), part 3 of Art. 286 of the Russian Criminal Code) and Torture (part 2 of Art. 117 of the Russian Criminal Code). His accomplices from among the most “proactive” inmates were charged with Torture (items (d, e), part 2 of Art. 117 of the Criminal Code) Sexual Violence (items (a, b), part 2 of Art. 132 of the Criminal Code) and Illegal Deprivation of Liberty (item (a), part 2 of Art. 127 of the Criminal Code). The prosecution requested that they be sentenced to 5 years and up to 5 years and 6 months of a colony of general and strict regime.

According to the investigation, Belousov created a hierarchical structure from the most proactive prisoners between 2012 and 2013 and they were supposed to control the rest of the convicts. Those who made a faux pas were cruelly tortured. As a rule, it was the orderlies who were assaulting others. All the tortures were recorded on camera.

In November 2012, they wanted a new convict to put a red bandage on his arm and say he was of nontraditional sexuality. The convict refused to comply with the demand and was severely beaten for that. The next day the convict was beaten again in the quarantine department, and forced to put his head in the toilet. One of the bullies peed on the victim. After that, he was handcuffed to a bed in the quarantine department and left there for 9 days. The torture video was circulated in the media later.

In 2015, the FSB officers in the Sverdlovsk region detained Mikhail Belousov as he was suspected of violating the prison regime. Then the jail administration was suspected of illegal wiretapping of their prisoners. Searches in the office of Belousov’s lawyer Boris Iskanderian revealed audio and video recordings of the conversations investigators had had with prisoners. After the inspection, Belousov resigned.



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