Prosecution adds count to indictment against criminals who robbed and burned police car

Prosecution adds count to indictment against criminals who robbed and burned police car
Burning cars at the crime scene

St. Petersburg is continuing investigating the high-profile 2015 crime, when hijackers rammed a police car and set it on fire.

A criminal case was initiated under Banditry article (parts 1 and 2 of Art. 209 of the Criminal Code) against three suspects out of five, according to the St. Petersburg’s Investigative Committee of Russia.

Law enforcement officers arrested men, who had attacked policemen. The victims were illegally transporting money for migrants working at a construction site. The criminals managed to steal 24 million rubles. Three of them were subsequently put into custody: Gennady Levinsky, Aleksei Gevorkyan and Georgy Nusimovich. Depending on the role each of them had in the crime, they were charged under parts 1 and 2 of Art. 209, items (a, b and c); part 4 of Art. 162, items (f, g, h); part 2 of Art. 105; part 3 of Art. 30, items (a, e, g, h); part 3 of Art. 222; part 2 of Art. 325.1; part 2 of Art. 326 of the Criminal Code (Banditry, Robbery, Murder and Attempted Murder, Arms Trafficking, Forgery or Destruction of a number-plate of a motor vehicle).

We should remind that on December 4, 2015 a GAZelle rammed a service UAZ car with two riot policemen inside, who were carrying money intended for a construction site on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. Then, a few masked men shot the 'collectors' with Kalashnikov rifles, took the money bag and set both cars on fire. The robbers fled on a dark-gray Hyundai that was later found a few kilometers away from the scene.

Video: Police car shelled and set on fire in St. Petersburg

The attack resulted in one of the policemen dead and another seriously injured. The criminals were arrested 4 months later. Being certain they managed to get away with the crime, they stayed in the city. The police turned out to know some of them: Nusimovich was linked to an arms smuggling case in 1995. Gevorkyan also had a criminal record; he got his first conviction at 16. Levinsky aged 50 was the only one who had not been prosecuted before. Being a karate master of sports, he worked as a coach at a kids' club.

The police arrested two accomplices that had no part in the attack itself, but were involved in its planning. They turned out to have links to the well-known Tambov gang, whose leader Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin) is now accused of attempted murder of Sergei Vasiliev, a businessman.

All of them have confessed save for Nusimovich, as reported by Rosbalt with reference to Aleksandr Klaus, the St. Petersburg Investigative Committee Executive.

He also confirmed that the riot policemen did use the service car to do illegal encashment. According to investigators, they had delivered 'black cash' to 6 construction sites for six months. A criminal case on abuse of authority has been initiated against the Executive of the Riot Police Transport Department.



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