Project, which is supervised by Tatarstan President's assistant, produced T-shirts in honor of 90s’ OCG 

Project, which is supervised by Tatarstan President's assistant, produced T-shirts in honor of 90s’ OCG
Photo: Inde Instagram

In the capital of Tatarstan a scandal is unfolding around the collection of T-shirts with pictures and names of OCG. It is released by art director of Inde edition Anastasia Yarushkina's own brand of clothing.

InKazan notes that the project is overseen by assistant of the Tatarstan President Natalia Fishman, the ex-assistant of the Moscow Department of Culture Head Sergey Kapkov.

Inde published in its Instagram, which has more than 8000 followers, the photo with T-shirts of Yarushkina's brand Dry River. On T-shirts there are names of the notorious organized crime groups from Tatarstan, and even picture of scarifying Kazan residents Teplokontrol OCG, also known as Tyap-Lyap.

The publication provoked a lively response. Opinions of the Internet audience about whether the romanticizing and glorification of guilty in serious crimes criminals is normal radically differ. Some people do not see in it nothing but an advertising course with the aim to capitalize the interest of the Tatarstan residents to the recent history of the Republic and so-called 'Kazan phenomenon'.

Others (most of followers) criticize the popularization of organized crime groups among youth. Users advise the designer to add a "number of victims with a beautiful infographics" and tells the edition "life is not rainbows and unicorns."

Inde justifing Yarushkina's "creative ideas" claims that T-shirts produced in deference to the districts of Kazan and have nothing in common with the notorious Kazan OCG. However, this statement contradicts to the picture of Tyap-Lyap and criminal symbolism.

"I doubt that a man, who wears on his chest the picture of killers, can be called normal. I doubt that it will be in demand. Sadly ... That's all I can say about it,"- said ID ICR senior assistant in the Republic of Tatarstan Andrey Sheptitsky - author of the books' series Gangster Tatarstan and Gangster Kazan.


As previously the CrimeRussia wrote, these books are so popular in Tatarstan, that on the wave of interest activists of the World Forum of Tatar Youth made a proposal to open a museum of OCG in Kazan in early December's conference Chas Slobody.



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