Prisoners raised riot in colony near Murmansk

Prisoners raised riot in colony near Murmansk
The reason of riots was search in the cells with the participation of Special Forces

According to relatives of the prisoners, Special Forces' searches in cells became the reason for the riot.

A riot was raised in the village of Murmashi, the Murmansk region, in the correctional colony № 18 of the strict regime. Novaya Gazeta refers to the words of prisoners’ relatives.

"Fences are burning, the glasses are smashed, the cabinets of the detachments are flying out, everything is burning in the camp," the media quotes the relatives.

According to the relatives, the reason for the riots was searches of prisoners’ chambers with the participation of Special Forces. According to the newspaper, the security forces searched all the cells in the department with the strict conditions of detention, then they came to the actual zone and the hospital building. Some convicts began to throw things out of the cameras and set them on fire. Soon the rebellion swept the whole colony.

Moreover, several protesters cut their veins. Their condition is not known yet, the newspaper notes.

According to the official versions, that the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the Murmansk region has announced, riots in the correctional colony № 18 have started because of searches by Special Forces, but now the order is restored. The department stressed that relatives of the prisoners and the media greatly have exaggerated the scale of the incident.



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