Prisoners of Krasnoyarsk colony complain on beating and tortures

Prisoners of Krasnoyarsk colony complain on beating and tortures
Statements of beating have not led to initiation of any criminal cases yet

Complaints from colony IK-31 were sent to the Public Monitoring Commission.

Several dozens of prisoners of the Krasnoyarsk colony No. 31 addressed human rights activists with complaints on tortures and beatings by the staff of the Federal Penitentiary Service. The Territory of Tortures organization with reference to data of the regional Public Monitoring Commission (PMC) reports about it.

As it is said in the address, the beatings usually happen in a room, where prisoners who made offenses are placed. Convicts from other colonies are also placed there. The PMC received an information saying that prisoners were not just beaten, but tortured as well – hanged by hands or legs to a pipe under a ceiling, dipped their heads into a bucket with water and a floor cloth, poured water in their noses.

Surnames of the same staff of correctional facility, which, according to them, tortured the convicts, appear in statements of the victims. Threatening with physical violence, jailers tried to achieve cooperation agreements from prisoners and “promises not to address law enforcement agencies and the PMC”.

It is specified that the supervisory commission has documents confirming that the victims of tortures were 48 prisoners — in some cases they complained to human rights activists in others it was reported by other people. 22 persons directed applications to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, in four cases the beatings were filmed, however, no criminal cases were initiated.



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