Prison truck carrying arrestees crashed near Pyatigorsk 

Prison truck carrying arrestees crashed near Pyatigorsk

As reported by the headquarters of the Emergency Situations Ministry of Stavropol, on the night from January 13 to 14, a traffic accident took place in the Predgorny district of the Stavropol region, injuring nine people.

Three cars were damaged in the accident. According to preliminary investigation, Lada Priora drove into the oncoming lane crashing into Volvo heavy transporter while making overtaking on the 8th kilometer of Pyatigorsk - Georgiyevsk.

After the crash, Volvo was thrown into oncoming traffic, namely, an official car (GAZ) of the MIA Department in the Kirov district, carrying persons under investigation. 

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As a result of the accident, nine people received injuries of varying severity, including drivers of all three cars and three transportation detainees.

A service check into the incident has been scheduled.



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