Primorye grey cardinal Ilya Spokoinov disappeared in Baltics after arrest of his wife?

Primorye grey cardinal Ilya Spokoinov disappeared in Baltics after arrest of his wife?
Ilya Spokoinov

Spin doctor's New Year holidays in Latvia run over time.

Starting off for Latvia at the New Year's holidays, the political strategist, advisor of the Governor of the Primorsky region Ilya Spokoinov, does not hurry to return to the region.

According to the newspaper Zolotoi Most, the vacation of Spokoinov (also known as Mit'kin and Zeldovich) runs over. Regional media suggest that the gray cardinal of Primorye does not intend to return. Meanwhile, Ilya Spokoinov, who is the CEO of the coastal ice-hockey team Admiral, is expected in Ufa on 20th January. In the capital of Bashkiria, he should address before the match of the Continental Hockey League’s stars.

Recall that in late 2016 his wife Marina Sviridova, who is the general director of Novaya Volna TV and Radio Company, was placed into the Vladivostok pre-trial detention center. Sviridova was arrested in the company of a friend of the family - chairman of the regional Union of Miners Alexey Avershin, who also was placed into to the detention center for two months upon the swindling case. The investigating authorities did not comment on the arrests, however, according to media reports, the spin doctor’s wife and Avershin are suspected of swindling in the conduct of public procurement. Interestingly, the law enforcement agencies still do not have any questions to Spokoinov, whose figure is much more colorful. Recall that the jail gets not only the immediate environment of the gray cardinal of Primorye, but Governor of the region Vladimir Miklushevsky. So, vice-governors Oleg Yezhov and Sergey Sidorenko were arrested in 2016. The first is accused of corruption by 24.5 million rubles for payments with construction and installation work under the state contract. Yezhov is in jail since the spring of 2015. Sidorenko is accused of attempted swindling in the distribution of compensation among agricultural enterprises affected by flooding. The damage was estimated at 10 million rubles.



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