Presidential residence in Barvikha rammed by regular bus 

Presidential residence in Barvikha rammed by regular bus

A driver lost control, damaging the facade and security checkpoint gate.

The President’s residence in Barvikha — Meyendorf estate — was rammed by a regular bus. The bus driver lost control and at full speed swept away the gates of an elite cottage village, which is five minutes from the castle belonging to the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, MK writes.

The accident occurred on February 21 at about 05.30 on Rublevo-Uspenskoye Highway. Regular bus number 541 moved to the terminal station to start the route. Behind the wheel was a 23-year-old native of Chechnya, Idris. Suddenly, the bus brakes failed at full speed, the driver lost control and decided to stop the vehicle, turning it to the checkpoint gate.


Idris, the driver from Chechnya

When the bus stopped, he was surrounded by paramilitary guards, but after listening to the driver’s explanations, he was released after giving written explanations. The accident led to the damage of the facade exterior, gate and locking mechanism. The bus’s windshield cracked and the front elements of the body were damaged. Traffic police officers issued a protocol for the inconsistency of speed with specific traffic conditions.


The damaged bus



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