Pregnant woman beaten by Irkutsk National Guard officers 

Pregnant woman beaten by Irkutsk National Guard officers
None of the passersby stood up for her Photo: Screenshot from a video

The officers suspected the woman of stealing a light bulb.

National Guard officers attacked a married couple, Irina and Ivan, at a Leroy Merlin outlet. The man and the woman were suspected of stealing a light bulb. The officers kicked the expectant woman leaving hematomas on her arms and legs.

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“They were beating and kicking that pregnant woman; there are hematomas and bruises in the photo; one of them twisted her, put his knees on her chest, pressed her to the floor and put handcuffs on her,” said Svyatoslav Khromenkov, a lawyer of the Public Verdict Foundation.

The incident occurred on September 28. The couple was picking up a light bulb; they screw it into the lamp and forgot to pay for it at the checkout separately.

VIDEO: National Guard illegally detain Irkutsk woman, Leroy Merlin, 09.28.2018

According to Ivan, the store guard said he would call the police unless he pays 1.500 rubles. Ivan refused to give the money, so the guard called the National Guard officers, who were violent to the spouses.



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