Pregnant FSIN employee almost kills pedestrian in DUI 

Pregnant FSIN employee almost kills pedestrian in DUI

The woman called her husband and drove home before the police came.

Simferopol people accused Yekaterina Yerzak, a Penitentiary Service employee, of a drunken driving. According to eyewitnesses, the woman is pregnant. A video of the conflict was published on the social network: the driver called her husband and went home with him; the police who arrived at the scene refused to investigate.

“We were going from the store on Balaklavskaya Street. Were crossing the road. True, there was no pedestrian crossing there, but cars always drive slowly at that section. That one was rushing and didn’t even turn the blinker on... she touched me slightly by the left side of the car,” wrote the woman who was nearly hit.


Yerzak (above) with a coworker

Referring to neighbors, the victim claims that it was not Yerzak’s first DUI. The Federal Penitentiary Service’s regional office is conducting an internal audit.



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