“Practice of skills”: drunken fight of Omsk police chief and metro driver much debated on Internet

“Practice of skills”: drunken fight of Omsk police chief and metro driver much debated on Internet
Head of the Omsk MIA Directorate Alexey Merkushov

The train driver is still in hospital with a compound head wound.

A drunken brawl between the Head of the Omsk Ministry of Internal Affairs, Alexey Merkushov, and metro driver Sergey Goyev at Kashirskaya metro station in Moscow has provoked discussions in social networks. Users joke about the job of a police officer and the myths associated with Omsk.

VKontakte public page Lentach has illustrated the news with shots from the movie Rocky III. After a training, the protagonist is told: “Now you are ready to work as a train driver in Moscow metro!”

People suggested in comments that Merkushov “resigned two weeks ago,” and he would be given a “three days' suspended sentence.” Some users surmised that the advanced training for which the officer came to Moscow involved precisely the beating of the driver. “Practice of skills,” wrote one of them.

Another user suggested that in order to further upgrade his skills, Merkushov would have to “knock a Russian Railways sleeper layer senseless”.

There was also a suggestion in the comments that advanced training for the Omsk policeman was to beat up a representative of a profession Omsk lacks — that is, a metro driver. The city has a single metro station, and trains do not go there yet.

Users also remembered the meme "Do not try to leave Omsk." One of the commentators joked that fighting with someone in Moscow is one of the conditions for being able to leave the city. Another replied that an exile to Omsk for life would be a just punishment for the police officer.

Alexey Merkushov arrived in Moscow for advanced training at the Academy of Management of the Ministry of Interior of Russia. After the fight, he was expelled. The Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Omsk region, Leonid Kolomiets, initiated an official check against him. Materials of the check into the fight were transferred to a special Department for Investigating Crimes at High-Security Facilities and the Moscow metro of the Investigative Committee Directorate.




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