Possible accomplice in Voronenkov's murder gets shot by hit man 

Possible accomplice in Voronenkov's murder gets shot by hit man
Hit man fired two bursts at the car

Eduard Akselrod's car was shot yesterday in Kharkov.

The man, who was shot dead last evening in Ukraine, could have been involved in the murder of former State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov. This is reported by political scientist and former Ukrainian Rada deputy Viktor Ukolov on his page on Facebook. According to him, the elimination of Eduard Akselrod confirmed the lead of the Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine that thief in law Vladimir Tyurin (aka Tyurik) could have been the paymaster of Voronenkov's murder.

According to the investigation, Ukolov reports, Akselrod and Tyurin's friend Yury Vasilenko was responsible for picking hit men for Voronenkov's assassination.

It is a well-known scheme; to break the connection between the hitman and the paymaster, it is necessary to neutralize the organizer, who contacted the hitman.

От полученных ранений Аксельрод скончался на месте

Akselrod instantly died from the wounds received

Deputy Igor Mosiychuk, who has been recently wounded as a result of an attempt, noted that the hitman's work is reminiscent to that, as a result of which Amina Okueva was killed. He also added that the deceased is a native of Barnaul. To recall, a native of Chechnya Adam Osmaev, accused of an attempt on Putin, was wounded, and his wife Amina Okueva died as a result of an attack on their vehicle on Monday near Kiev.

As reported by the Ukrainian police, 45-year-old Akselrod was shot dead yesterday at about 11:30 PM in his Audi near a house on Klochkovsky Street in Kharkov. The hit man was waiting for Akselrod's car by the parked cars. When the former entered the courtyard, the attacker fired two bursts from an automatic rifle – one in the windshield, and the other in the side window. A criminal case under Murder has been initiated.

Denis Voronenkov was was killed in March this year in the center of Kiev. According to the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine, the crime could have been committed on the order of crime lord Vladimir Tyurin, former partner of Maria Maksakova-Igenbergs. When questioned by the ICR, which is also investigating into the murder of Russian citizen Voronenkov, Tyurin denied his involvement in the crime.

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