Polonsky accused Resin and Slutsky in extortion of penthouse

Polonsky accused Resin and Slutsky in extortion of penthouse
Sergey Polonsky

The entrepreneur, accused of swindle, demanded from Prosecutor General Yury Chaika to initiate criminal case against officials.

The defendant in the case over swindle during construction of two housing estates in Moscow, Sergey Polonsky, prepared the address for Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yury Chaika with the requirement to initiate criminal case against deputies of the State Duma Vladimir Resin and Leonid Slutsky. According to Polonsky, officials got from him a penthouse as a bribe, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the businessman’s lawyer Alexey Tsaplin.

It is remarkable that earlier, on January 12, Polonsky already declared during judicial session that Resin and Slutsky “received 990 square meters in a penthouse of The Rublevskaya Riviera for execution of the contract”. The businessman promised to constitute the statement to the prosecutor in this respect. Now the ready document will be sent to Yury Chaika, the human rights activist told.

According to Polonsky's version, an incident occurred in case of a construction of a housing estate Kutuzovsky mile. Allegedly a tender for building was won by other company. Businessman was suggested re-register right to building to his company, however for this he had to present a penthouse to officials.

“Slutsky asked it for Resin. The penthouse was received, but the right was not re-registered”, Tsaplin explained, adding that earlier his client told about it to the head of the investigation team from the Investigative Committee, but he did not consider it serious, because now the businessman decided to appeal to the prosecutor's office.

To recall, Polonsky is accused of swindle for 2,6 billion rubles during construction of two housing estates Kutuzovsky mile and the Rublevskaya Riviera. In May, 2015 authorities of Cambodia, where Polonsky was hiding from the Russian justice, and extradited him to the Russian Federation. Examination recognized Polonsky mentally competent.  



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