Policewoman masterminds lover's wife murder

Policewoman masterminds lover's wife murder
Natalia Benderina

Earlier, the policewoman had an affair with a colleague who killed the family of a neighbor.

The Solntsevsky District Court of Moscow sentenced Natalia Benderina to 8.5 years of a general regime colony, found guilty of masterminding the murder of her lover's wife. Mediazona found a woman with the same surname and initials in the file of the Nikulinskiy court of the capital, which says about the Benderina’s appeal over the dismissal from the police department in the Western administrative district of Moscow.

As the investigation found out, the convict gave birth to a child from a married colleague, and then placed an order for the services of a killer for 200 thousand rubles, wanting to kill the opponent — the man who took the request filed with the police.

MK wrote about a similar case on the day of the sentence, replacing the name of the convicted to Bandurina. According to the newspaper’s version, the person who ordered the murder worked in the dog service of the Internal Affairs Directorate and gave birth to a child from a senior colleague who refused to recognize himself as a father. At the same time, the woman had an affair with the head of the convoy department of the Internal Affairs Directorate, Mikhail Dronik, who abandoned the convict in 2014, having learned about the birth father.

In 2015, Dronik slaughtered his neighbor, the wife and their six-year-old child; in April 2017, he was sentenced to 18 years in prison.



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