Policemen who witnessed murder of world’s powerlifting champion Drachev dismissed 

Policemen who witnessed murder of world’s powerlifting champion Drachev dismissed

At the request of the Prosecutor’s Office in the Khabarovsk region, the ICR has initiated a procedural check against a Patrol-Guard Service junior sergeant, who was among the friends of Anar Allakhveranov when powerlifter Andrey Drachev was killed in a fight.⁠

During the check, the Internal Security Department of the regional MIA office confirmed that an active officer of law enforcement bodies watched the fight when Andrey Drachev was killed, the press service of the regional police authority reported.

Acting Head of the MIA Directorate in the Khabarovsk region, Police Colonel Arsen Isagulov, has decided to dismiss the employee for negative reasons. It is reported that the most stringent disciplinary measures, including dismissal, will be assumed in respect of his immediate superiors.

As reported by the MIA, the junior police sergeant, who was at the scene, had previously met Anar Allakhveranov, accused of Drachev’s murder.

The ICR Main Investigations Directorate in the Khabarovsk region has begun the procedural check in respect of the now former police officer. The prosecutor’s office representatives believe that the junior sergeant could have prevented the crime, but did not get involved. The police officer’s failure to act bears attributes of an offence provided for in Article 293 of the Russian Criminal Code (Negligence), the region’s supervisory authority noted.

In this regard, Deputy Prosecutor of the Khabarovsk region Maksim Sobchuk has submitted to the preliminary investigation body the requirement to separate the materials against the former police officer and conduct a procedural check into this matter. A procedural decision will be made on the results of the check.

Previously, the Command of the National Guard in the Eastern District had conducted a check against its officers, also suspected of inaction during the street fight between Drachev and Allakhveranov. Its results showed that answering a silent alarm, a set of National Guard officers arrived at the scene and broke up the fight, but since no one filed any statements and the fight was over, they left empty-handed. The National Guard in the Eastern District has published a video, which confirms this moment.

To recall, Europe and World Champion in powerlifting Andrey Drachev was brutally murdered during the street fight in Khabarovsk on August 20, 2017. The fight and the very moment when the athlete sustained injuries incompatible with life were caught on video and published on the Internet, as a result of which the crime caused a wide public response.


Anar Aliyar-oglu Allakhveranov, suspected of murder, fled the scene, and then was arrested in absentia and declared federally and internationally wanted. The regional MIA Main Directorate put a bounty of 500 thousand rubles ($8.7 thousand) on information about his whereabouts. A month after the murder, Allakhveranov surrendered to the FSB. The ICR currently checks his involvement in similar crimes – it is known that Drachev’s murderer had professionally practiced martial arts and earned a bad reputation in Khabarovsk night clubs.


As previously reported by The CrimeRussia, Anar Allakhveranov had been a member of a group of athletes engaged in extortion. It was headed by his elder brother Natig Allakhveranov, who is currently serving his sentence for causing serious bodily harm.



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