Policemen who were nonchalantly dining on Rochdelskaya Street to be fined $26.000

Policemen who were nonchalantly dining on Rochdelskaya Street to be fined $26.000
The policemen watching Rochdelskaya shootout and not getting involved

The co-owner of Elements restaurant, where the shootout took place involving Shakro Molodoy’s men, filed a lawsuit against the standstill officers.

Moscow’s Presnensky District Court began to consider the case over abuse of official powers with grave consequences (part 3 of Art. 285 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Those in the dock are: former Presnensky police station operative Ildar Shakirov, acting head of Presnensky criminal investigation department Denis Romashkin, and local police inspector Renat Zinnatulin.

Besides, Zhanna Kim, co-owner of Elements restaurant, where the shootout took place in December 2015, filed a civil suit against the policemen. She requested to fine each of them 500 thousand rubles for the non-pecuniary damage. The plaintiff did not appear at the meeting, being in Kazakhstan, the country of her origin with her lawyer representing her.

According to investigators, on December 14, 2015, police arrived to the restaurant on Rochdelskaya Street on the call, where a conflict was escalating between Elements workers led by former intelligence officer Edvard Budantsev and Shakro Molodoy’s men headed by the thief’s underboss Andrei Kochuykov (Italyanets). The latter came to Kim demanding their 8 million rubles back saying that she had borrowed it from Shakro Molodoy’s friend Fatima Misikova, who is a designer.

Meanwhile, the police officers got into the restaurant, ordered dinner and started watching the fight not lifting a finger, even when the shootout started, killing 2 and injuring 8.

The defendants face up to ten years in prison. Zinnatulin reportedly admitted his guilt, while the other defendants claim they are innocent.

Earlier, during the preliminary hearing, Shakirov said that he had just been transferred to Presnensky police department that day and he did not have to be on duty at all. When he arrived at the place, he saw a group of people talking in the VIP-room. Zhanna Kim explained to the policeman that it was a "civil-law dispute". According to Shakirov, she refused to file an extortion report. Romashkin's defense attorney claims that his client was being transferred to a new duty station, and that he only came for the call to help his friend Shakirov. By the time the shooting began, Shakirov had already been in the car, intending to leave for another call. Romashkin could not do anything as he was not armed, and district police officer Zinnatulin admitted that he had been waiting for Romashkin's instructions. The former policemen claim that they did not stand still, but actually were detaining the shooters, including Budantsev, who had provoked the conflict, as they say.

Subsequently, retired KGB colonel Edvard Budantsev was arrested on charges of killing two or more persons. Andrei Kochuykov was initially detained on suspicion of hooliganism, before being charged with extortion instead. Thief in law Shakro Molodoy got the same indictments, while later he was also charged with creation of a gang.



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