Policemen, who arrested well-known activist Podyachev, to be checked by inner security service

Policemen, who arrested well-known activist Podyachev, to be checked by inner security service
Pavel Podyachev, the head of the NGO Bezopasny Rayon (Safe Neighborhood) Photo: The CrimeRussia

The Novosibirsk Region MIA inner security service will check the facts of numerous violations committed by the police officers during the arrest of activist Pavel Podyachev. The activist himself died in a prison hospital in November.

The Pavel Podyachev’s case seems to be progressing. Evgeny Ganitsky, the Deputy Head of the Operational Investigation Unit of MIA Main Directorate in the Novosibirsk Region, announced the start of an internal review. Defenders of the deceased previously stated about numerous violations committed during the arrest of the activist. In particular, the security service will check carelessly filled protocols and other documents. The same questions arise from Podyachev’s "common characteristics" given by the district policeman Alexander Borodin. Firstly, the characteristic is not given on the form required by law. And, secondly, the information in it contradicts the characteristics given by dozens of people from the region, who emphasized Podyachev’s achievements in public service. The characteristics given by the district police officer, was the reason for detention. In the future, it made judges easier to extend the term of arrest.

Lieutenant Colonel Vasily Aksenov’s actions are also surprising attract the security service’s natural interest. To arrest the unfortunate activist, he sent as many as seven Special Forces officers. And then, for 10 hours kept Podyachev in handcuffs without letting him call a lawyer. Although, there was not even a decision to initiate criminal proceedings. By the way, these facts were confirmed by one of the Special Forces officers in the court.

In addition, according to Aksenov’s in the court, Podyachev was an active participant of the OCG which extorted money from local politicians and businessmen. However, during the investigation, no gang member was arrested, as well as, the very fact of its existence was not proven.

According to Alexander Galichanin, the Podyachev’s defender, the check is already underway. He himself gave an explanation for his statement on the violations. Galichanin is confident that the case against Pavel was fabricated as he was actively engaged in anti-corruption activities, what displeased certain people, especially right before the elections in 2015.

It is to be recalled that Pavel Podyachev was the head of the NGO called Safe Neighborhood. According to the version of the investigation, he extorted 2 million rubles from MP of Legislative Assembly Nikolai Pokhilenko. The activist himself did not plead guilty and called the criminal case initiated against him a provocation. As a protest, Pavel Podyachev, who suffered from high blood pressure, went on hunger strike several times.

Despite all the petitions from lawyers and entrepreneurs willing to pay for Pavel's big bail, the court did not change the measure of restraint. Even on 21 November, when the fact of his hospitalization because of a stroke transpired, the judge decided to keep him in custody. Podyachev died in a prison hospital.



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