Policemen not preventing massacre at Rochdelskaya study 10 volumes of criminal case

Policemen not preventing massacre at Rochdelskaya study 10 volumes of criminal case
Policemen watching shootout Photo: Lifenews

Law enforcement officers have completed the investigation against their former colleagues, who were chewing during the shooting.

With regard to police officers involved in the case of a shootout on the Rochdelskaya street a preliminary investigation was completed. The lawyer of one of the detainees Andrey Averin told this Interfax. According to him, they have already begun to study the case, which amounts more than 10 volumes.

Recall that three police officers, Denis Romashkin, Ildar Shakirov and Renat Zinnatulin, were charged with Abuse of Official Powers (part 3 of Article 285 of the Criminal Code). The investigation believes that they have not taken any measures, which would prevent bloodshed during the massacre at Elements restaurant on the Rochdelskaya street. On December 14, 2015 there arrived criminals sent by the thief in law Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) to discuss a financial issue with the hostess Joanna Kim and her attorneys. Shakro thus decided to support his friend Fatima Misikova, who was the designer of the restaurant and decided that she was underpaid 8 million rubles. As a result, negotiations ended in a shooting, in which two people were killed (from Shakro Molodoy's side), another seven were injured.

Денис Ромашкин (справа)

Denis Romashkin (right)

Policemen, who arrived on a call, instead of putting to rights ordered a meal and began to eat. Later they were joined by the then-Chief of the Criminal Police of the MIA Presnensky Division Denis Romashkin. Law enforcement officers remained indifferent even when a fight broke out on the street and and the shooting began.

On January 21, 2016 a criminal case was opened under Negligence (Art. 293 of the Criminal Code) against 24-year-old security officer of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Russia in Presnensky District Ildar Shakirov and district officer of the Presnensky Division Renat Zinnatulin. Later the article was changed. Romashkin was arrested in late September.

Later, Romashkin sued for wrongful dismissal from service. In a statement the ex-policeman demanded to restore him in the service, as well as compensate 55 thousand rubles for the forced absenteeism.



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