Policemen fight over attractive intern woman 

Policemen fight over attractive intern woman

The fight took place in Samara at a March 8 office party.

Samara police staged a mass brawl over a 22-year-old trainee of the fifth Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

As reported by the Ombudsman Politsii Vkontakte page, the incident occurred at an office party, which was arranged by two police departments on the eve of the holiday.

The trainee was the girlfriend of one of the operatives, but all of the policemen wanted to come and wish her a happy holiday. The scandal began after one of them lost it. "His wishes went beyond the 8 March ones becoming more of 14 February ones," the news report said. 

The boyfriend did not like that and pushed his colleague away from the woman. The officer attacked him back, a scuffle ensued and colleagues and friends of the police officers from both departments joined them. The quarrel ended with six officers fighting. According to the information in the publication, the parties to the conflict were seriously injured. A driver of the duty unit also got involved in the brawl, and now has vision problems.

It is also reported that the chief of the investigation department is going through a lot of trouble trying to hush up the incident, being concerned that the scandal might reach the chief of the Central Investigation Department. 

The press service of the Samara Ministry of Internal Affairs said in an interview with the publication URA.RU that those involved in the fight and department heads kept denying the rumors that the fight had taken place at all. "There was no information from medical institutions," the agency was told.

URA.RU was unable to reach the woman for comment.

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