Policemen called “innocent” after breaking detainee’s leg

Policemen called “innocent” after breaking detainee’s leg

The agency refused to provide a video recording of the incident; the victim has not been interviewed.

Moscow investigators said the actions of the police officers who broke the leg of designer Konstantin Konovalov while detaining him “legitimate”. The Moscow man was photographing police vans while jogging in the morning, but the ICR called Konovalov “a participant in an unauthorized march”, it follows from documents published by the victim.

Konovalov noted that they never interviewed him and refused to provide the CCTV footage. Previously, the designer said that as they were detaining him, they carried him and put on the curb, stepping on his feet in order to make his knees bend backwards.

When at the police station, it took them a long time to finally call an ambulance for Konovalov; then they forced the doctors to write a false diagnosis. A lawyer who came to him was not allowed into the department. When the designer’s condition worsened, he managed to get hospitalized with the help of other detainees.



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