Policemen beat businessman for refusal to wash their service car for free 

Policemen beat businessman for refusal to wash their service car for free
The moment of the attack Photo: Screenshot

The siloviki are charged with abuse of official powers.

In Ulan-Ude, two traffic police inspectors beat up an entrepreneur with whom they had a conflict. A criminal case on abuse of official powers was initiated against the police, the press service of the regional central board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports.

The Ministry said that there was a conflict between inspectors and a man, during which law enforcement officers used force - “they caused bodily injuries in the form of a bruise and abrasion.”

Local media, in turn, provide details of what happened. According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, the incident occurred on November 22 at a car wash on Koroleva Street. Two Traffic Police traffic police officers for Buryatia washed an official car and refused to pay for the service.

The director of the enterprise demanded 200 rubles from the police for washing the car, which provoked the conflict. The man was asked to get into thу service car and discuss everything.


Owner of the car wash Alexander Tankevich

According to the victim, he was offered to continue to provide services for washing the car for free, but in turn, he could get a 'roof' on the part of the inspectors.

The businessman refused and got out of the car, advising the police to pay for the service. Otherwise, he promised to publish an audio recording of the conversation, which he secretly made in the car. In response, the police began beating the businessman.



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